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Shajapa, one of the leading construction company to attend UNNA 2019 in Chicago

The Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) is proud to announce a brand new format for the annual Uganda – North America Trade and Investment Forum, which will be a part of the 2019 UNAA Convention in Chicago, Illinois at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. The UNAA Convention runs from Thursday August 29th 2019 to Sunday September 1st 2019. The convention and forum theme is “Cultural Diversity and Economic Empowerment: Building a Stronger Diaspora Community.”

The Trade and Investment Forum will be one of the highlights of Friday August 30th 2019, dubbed: “Passport to Uganda: The Ugandan Innovation and Culture Showcase.”   This day will also feature the Miss Uganda North America Beauty Pageant.

Thursday Night: Sponsor Appreciation Networking Mixer

This will be the 11th edition of the Trade and Investment Forum, but there will be major changes to the format of the forum. The event will kick off on the evening of Thursday August 29th with a Sponsor Appreciation Networking Mixer, which will be open to sponsors, business owners and professionals with the Convention Business Guest Pass.

Vendor Exhibition is now Discover Uganda / Invest in Uganda Expo

The vendor exhibition is getting a new look as the ‘Discover Uganda / Invest in Uganda Expo,’ featuring themed vendor booths with categories such as technology, banking, taste of Uganda, tourism, non profits and wealth/investment products.

Fakhruddin Properties at the 2018 Vendor Exhibition (UNAA Seattle 2018)

Trade and Investment Forum: Panels and Presentations

Another major improvement to this year’s forum will be the more exciting, interactive panels and presentations, featuring a diverse list of panelists and presenters that are innovators or experts on international business, banking and wealth management. If you are interested in presenting or being a panelist, send us an email.

Patrick Ayota, NSSF CEO and Keynote Speaker at the 2018 Forum

The Venture Podium is Back2018 marked the first edition of the The Venture Podium. This investment pitch is modeled against the Shark Tank, and the best presenter will win an investment cash award and marketing support from UNAA. If you are interested in presenting at the venture podium, send us an email.Tickets

Access to the Invest in Uganda Expo is free. Access to the Trade and Investment Forum, where all the panels, presentations and venture podium will happen, is free to registered convention guests, and $60 for non-registered convention guests.

Uganda Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga at the 2018 Trade and Investment Forum

Chicago, Ugandan and Diaspora African Media Houses to Provide Coverage

UNAA is positioning this as a day to share the beauty of Uganda and its business and trade opportunities with the international community. The day will feature local Chicago media and Ugandan media houses.

Don’t Miss the After-Party: Miss Uganda North America

This Passport to Uganda day will end with Miss Uganda North America: Night of Fashion and Culture for Women Empowerment, a show that is riding on three years of massive success with its international leadership program.

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